Miraflor Mobility in Fuerteventura

Rent or Hire in Miraflor Mobility

Everything you need to rent on your vacation you have in our store with free delivery at your hotel.

Electric scooters, fans, kettles, toasters, mocrowaves, iron & boards, hairdrayers, baby buggies, high chairs, travel cots & mattresses, walkers, rockers, warmers & sterilisers, monitors and atair gates…
Free delivery throughout Fuerteventura.

Contact Information:

   Stephen Cunniff
   Elba Castillo de Antigua Hotel. Caleta de Fuste.
   0034 679 636 315


Cool Running Trike Tours in Fuerteventura

The Trike tours in Fuerteventura

A company with many years of experience in the field of excursions and tours in Trikes.

You can discover the island of Fuerteventura from a different point of view, in addition to a unique experience of driving one of these machines.

Quality tours and excursions in Caleta de Fuste

It has a large team of professionals who will give you a quick course to take the trikes comfortably and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The perfect tour for your family vacation.

The biggest advantage of this tour is that you can enjoy driving these vehicles in the company of the whole family, an experience to share and never forget.

Call to spend the best day of your family vacation.

Contact Information:

   Mandy y Tony
   BARCELO Shopping Center. Caleta de Fuste.
   0034 649 938 581


Tattoo and Piercing Fuerteventura

The tattoo and piercing shop in Fuerteventura

One of the stores with the greatest track record and reputation in its sector, this business is managed by Silvana who is a fantastic and renowned tattoo artist and by Luis, an expert in piercing, a great professional with a lot of training.

Comprar piercing en Fuerteventura.

It is more extensive stock of the island and the best brands, this is what this business offers you, after many years of experience you will not find better assortment and advice on the island, check it yourself.

The best tattoos on the island.

Silvana has extensive experience in the art of tattooing, as long as it can be recycled and formed by attending concentrations and tattoo events, this makes it known the latest in the market in high quality material, inks, ect offered to its satisfied customers.

Delete tattoos in Fuerteventura.

A highly demanded service is the erasure of tattoos or improvement of some work badly done by other “supposed” professionals, here they have extensive experience solving these situations, consult without obligation and they will give you the best solution for your case.

Information for tattoos and piercing.

The business of Silvana and Luis, you will find the best facilities on the island, with several work rooms, top quality material, waiting room and a large store.
But I think it is important to highlight that they are also the best professionals on the island, do not hesitate to ask for information for any job you want in tattoos or piercing and they will give you the best advice you can find in Fuerteventura.

Contact information:

   Silvana y Luis.
  Calle León y Castillo, nº85. Puerto del Rosario.
   0034 928 531 613

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Tapas Bar

Tapas Bar in Fuerteventura

In Caleta de Fuste is this famous cafe and restaurant that offers a wide range of snacks and typical meals of the island.

For lunch it offers the typical local menus with first and second course plus dessert and soft drinks at prices without competition, note that it is homemade food prepared in the day.

At night it has a wide offer of a la carte food and the famous paellas.

One of its specialties is to offer a selection of tapas with drinks, tourists enjoy these menus very much in which they can taste different meals in one evening.


Contact information:

  Calle Alcalde Francisco Berriél Jordán – Caleta de Fuste – Antigua
   0034 928 163 199

ORME – Hire, rental and guided off-road motorcycle tours in Fuerteventura

ORME- Off Road Motorcycle Experience in Fuerteventura.
Without doubt one of the most exclusive excursions on the island of Fuerteventura, rent off-road motorcycles and explore the island in its wildest areas.
Let yourself be guided by an expert local rider and you just need to worry about enjoying the motorcycle in Fuerteventura.

Photography by Fiona Madden

Tours and excursions in motorcycle in Fuerteventura

A company with an unbeatable reputation, you can search for Orme Tours references and you will discover the fantastic experience that many people like you have enjoyed.

Both on Facebook and on Tripadvisor you can check the references of people who have already enjoyed our excursions.

A personalized tour with excellent personal service, a VIP service, you will enjoy all the hospitality that characterizes the “Majoreros” residents of the island.

Photography by Fiona Madden

What does this motorcycle tour offer you?

ORME Tours, gives you everything you need to do this tour with total safety, good quality motorcycles, enduro clothing with all protections, snack and lunch of local food, insurance, gasoline and local expert guide that will adapt the tour to your Experience level with off road motorcycles.

We leave you with some videos that give you a better idea of what this exclusive tour or excursion is like.




Contact information:

   Javier Nieves.
  Calle el Pozo, 10. Triquivijate – Antigua
   0034 622 135 155

Rent of electric scooters La Guirra

Rental of electric scooters, pedal cars and much more.

La Guirra is a company that specializes in the rental of electric vehicles such as scooters and in pedal vehicles such as cars for children and for the whole family, with many places, a fun and ecological way to explore your area.

Explore the area with a rental electric scooter.

This option is perfect if you like to move a lot in your vacations, you can discover all the surroundings fast, with little effort and in an ecological way. This is much cheaper than other possibilities and you can travel both on the road and in the pedestrian zones.

Explore the area with a car rental pedal.

This option is better to travel the wide avenue of Caleta de Fuste, both for children with individual cars, as for the whole family with cars of many places, all yes pedal, noisy and ecological. In your tour of the avenue you have everything to spend a super fun day, beach, shops, shops, restaurants and a sports harbor, many miles of fun.

Unbeatable prices, cheap rentals.

You will not find a more economical way to spend a few hours of the day exploring your area with some kind of vehicle, it is perfect because they are rented by the hour, you can take a quick ride and follow up with other different activities later.

Contact information:

   Employee Store
   Hotel Los Geranios Suite. Caleta de Fuste.
   0034 676 31 92 42

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Boat rental with Black Crab in Fuerteventura

Rent, rides and boat fishing in Fuerteventura.

With the Black Crab boat you have everything in one, all the activities you can do in the sea of Fuerteventura, enjoy with your friends or family. Highlight that they offer you pick up and return to your free hotel * (according to area and service contracted) consult.

Free boat rental.

If you want to go for free, organize your own day by boat, you can rent a boat in Fuerteventura, with or without skipper, you can enjoy the beautiful coast and anchor on some of its incredible beaches that are only accessible by boat, an unforgettable day.

Tour or boat trip along the coast.

You will just have to relax and enjoy, with an expert patron who will take you for a pleasant walk, this includes stops where you can snorkel, swim and visit the most beautiful and wild places in the area.

Deep Fishing

A fantastic sport, prepared for a day of fishing in Fuerteventura, Black crab has expert fishermen who will take you to the best fishing spots, surely tonight you can dine the fish of your catches.

Many moments will be unforgettable, take many photos, experiences that will be recorded in your mind but you would like to show your friends and family, one day on your boat in Fuerteventura, a luxury vacation.

Contact information:

   Av. de la Constitución, 52. 35620. Gran Tarajal.
   0034 717 198 192
  Black Crab Fuerteventura

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