Restaurant O’Fado Portuguese

Portuguese cuisine in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura.

This restaurant is famous in the tourist area of Caleta de Fuste, many years of experience accumulate, its owners Américo Alberto and Helena Persson are very dear to their customers, they repeat in every vacation their visit to the restaurant to enjoy their delicious meals .

O’Fado Portugues comfortable and cozy.

The owners of the restaurant have brought to this corner of Fuerteventura a part of Portugal, with affection and care have decorated each space with traditional items or with memories of this land, you will feel very comfortable in an atmosphere of personal detachment.

In the center of Caleta de Fuste.

No matter what hotel you are staying in, the restaurant is in a very central area, it is very easy to reach and after dinner you will have many options to walk around different parts of the small tourist town.

Quality and good prices.

The reputation is gained over time and this restaurant is very good, it has managed to find a good balance between the quality of service, the food and the prices they charge, the friendly character of Américo captivates visitors and this too Transmits in the staff that works with him, a large family that welcomes you with open arms.

Highlight your wines that are as well cared for as your meals, it is difficult to spend lunch or dinner at this restaurant and not leave with a smile drawn on your face … you will repeat.

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Contact information:

  Américo Alberto y Helena Persson
   Avda. Juan Ramón Soto Jordán, nº 13. C.C. Castillo Centro. 35610. Caleta de Fuste.
   0034 928 163 369

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