Rent of electric scooters La Guirra

Rental of electric scooters, pedal cars and much more.

La Guirra is a company that specializes in the rental of electric vehicles such as scooters and in pedal vehicles such as cars for children and for the whole family, with many places, a fun and ecological way to explore your area.

Explore the area with a rental electric scooter.

This option is perfect if you like to move a lot in your vacations, you can discover all the surroundings fast, with little effort and in an ecological way. This is much cheaper than other possibilities and you can travel both on the road and in the pedestrian zones.

Explore the area with a car rental pedal.

This option is better to travel the wide avenue of Caleta de Fuste, both for children with individual cars, as for the whole family with cars of many places, all yes pedal, noisy and ecological. In your tour of the avenue you have everything to spend a super fun day, beach, shops, shops, restaurants and a sports harbor, many miles of fun.

Unbeatable prices, cheap rentals.

You will not find a more economical way to spend a few hours of the day exploring your area with some kind of vehicle, it is perfect because they are rented by the hour, you can take a quick ride and follow up with other different activities later.

Contact information:

   Employee Store
   Hotel Los Geranios Suite. Caleta de Fuste.
   0034 676 31 92 42

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