Queso Tindaya – Cheese

Tindaya Cheese in Fuerteventura “Taste of tradition”.

Quesería Hijo de Vera Montelongo.

El Queso has a great value in the gastronomy of Fuerteventura, the majoreros as much as the foreigners that live in the island always have some cheese in their house and it is normal to consume it alone, like aperitif or accompanying a great number of traditional dishes. This particular cheese enjoys a great prestige and is highly valued by local people, we invite you to try it and it will be trapped, it is very creamy and has an exquisite taste, surprise your palate.

Majorero cheese.

Traditional cheese from Fuerteventura, made with raw goat’s milk, Tindaya cheese.
On the one hand we have a recipe that has passed from one generation to another, transferring the good work of the cheesemakers to this new generation of cheese producers. On the other hand we have this new generation that has included research and innovation at all stages of production. Without losing at any time the traditional product have put this product at a higher level, in flavor, quality, presentation and above all in the improvement of the means of production. You will not be indifferent after trying this delicacy.

Why buy Tindaya cheese?

As you have discovered in this article, Tindaya Cheese is a safe bet, whether you enter the world of cheese or if you are a regular consumer, in this brand has the best of innovation and tradition, all this at its fair Price, we invite you to try it and you will surely become one of the fixed customers of this dairy.

Quality cheese and very cheap, a fair price.

We assure you that you find the size of cheese you want, it has many sizes and even small portions perfect for a tapas or an appetizer, all this comes packed in the vacuum to preserve in the best conditions this delicious product. You will surely leave with a Fuerteventura cheese in your hands and spend less money than you imagine, thanks to the great variety of sizes to choose you will spend only what you want.


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